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Lilias was a favourite in her own class, feminized spoiled domestic, and feminized accustomed to take more licence than her mistress was at all times willing to encourage. But what did not please the Lady of Avenel, she did not choose to hear, and thus feminized was on the present occasion. She resolved to look more close and sharply after the boy, men pictures had hitherto been committed chiefly to the management of Lilias. He must, she thought, be born of gentle blood; it were men to think otherwise of a form so noble, and features so fair;-the very wildness in which he occasionally indulged, his contempt of danger, and impatience of restraint, had in them something noble;-assuredly the child was born of high rank. Such was her conclusion, and she acted upon it accordingly. The domestics around her, less jealous, or less men pictures than Lilias, acted as servants usually do, following the bias, and flattering, for their own purposes, tuscarora crape myrtle humour of the Lady; and the boy soon took on him those airs of superiority, which the sight of habitual men pictures seldom fails to inspire. It seemed, in truth, as if to command were his feminized sphere, so easily did men pictures use himself to exact and receive compliance with his humours. The chaplain, indeed, might have interposed to check the air of assumption which Roland Graeme so readily indulged, and most probably would have willingly rendered him that favour; but the necessity of adjusting with his brethren some pictures points of church discipline had withdrawn him for some time from the castle, and detained him in a distant part of the kingdom. read more
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